Map of Papua New Guinea : Rainfall and Wind

Posted on by Richard
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The following Map of Papua New Guinea showing Rainfall and Winds is just one of several. Please feel free to follow the links for further information on New Guinea. If you are interested in a particular area you may be better off going to the maps that have been done by province. please see the links below

Map of Papua New Guinea Rainfall and Wind Direction

New Guinea Map
New Guinea Map Population
New Guinea Map Vegetation

This New Guinea map and other maps are all intended for people with a general interest in New Guinea and collectors of Pacific Art / Oceanic art who wish to get to know the Pacific region a little better.

For People interested in the tribes of New Guinea and language Groups / languages of New Guinea it is my intention to post Maps of groups by Language Province by Province in the near future.

An understanding the New Guinea languages reflects the different tribal groups that in turn influences the Art styles of each region is essential for any collector of New Guinea Art


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